Destiny Free Audiobook Download by David Achord

Destiny is a science-fiction novel by American writer David Achord. It deals with the aftermath of humanity's destruction, and what could be the last refuge for humanity, an enormous space habitat called Babylon.

¿Por qué escuchar Destiny? Desde que se estrenó en el 2006, Destiny ha sido un producto de éxito internacional, con siete películas y espectadores en todo el mundo. La historia de las personas que viven en la Tierra, llamadas Replicants, es una narración de los diarios de un guía espacial humano.

Destiny is a thought provoking sci-fi novel by David Achord. The story follows the journey of two people from Earth's future who get lost in deep space after their ship crashes. They are brought together to form an unlikely pair, one of which is a 100-year-old man who survived the first world war. Destiny will captivate readers because it takes place on so many levels that you cannot help but be engaged with what is happening to the protagonists.

A new series by David Achord. Destiny is a science fiction thriller told through the eyes of an average Joes trying to find their way in a dystopian world where humanity is at war with aliens.

Destiny is a science-fiction novel written by David Achord and narrated on audible by Graham Halstead. It tells the story of mankind's struggle to survive in the aftermath of an alien invasion. The story alternates between two characters, Manfred Kitler and Selene. Kitler is a colonel and Selene is a civilian woman who he rescues in the aftermath of the invasion and eventually falls in love with.

Destiny by David Achord is a poignant and moving story about a young man working as a truck driver but wondering what his true passion is. He has always been fascinated with the stars and learned that he has an ability to see long distances on starry nights, so he decides to use this to become an astrologer. Along the way, he meets some amazing people who help him realize that his gifts will never be fully appreciated until he has the chance to share them with those around him.

Published Date 2016-03-08
Duration 14 hours 48 minutes
Author David Achord
Narrated Graham Halstead
(49 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category Horror, Apocalyptic & Dystopian

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