Be Where Your Feet Are: Seven Principles to Keep You Present, Grounded, and Thriving Free Audiobook Download by Scott O'neil

This audiobook is a guided meditation that is intended to help you quiet your mind, disconnect from the outside world, and reconnect with yourself. It is designed for beginners who are ready for a new way of living. It goes over some of the principles that Scott O'Neil has found have had an impact on his life such as being present with what's happening in the moment and not being attached to outcomes.

"Be Where Your Feet Are" is a wonderfully written book which has impacted me deeply. The author takes the reader on a journey to find their "why" and how they can be fulfilled in life. He offers seven practical principles that are easy to apply, even from the comfort of your own home.

In this audiobook, O'Neil shares seven principles that can help you bring more joy, fulfillment and peace into your life. By following these principles you will be able to stay present, grounded and thriving in all areas of your life.

Scott O'neil is a professor at Harvard Business School and the author of Be Where Your Feet Are, a book that offers seven principles to help people ground themselves during challenging situations. These principles are "The Present Moment," "Radiance," "Attention-Inquiry," "Power of Humility," "Storytelling," "Focus on Actions" and "Commitment."

"Be Where Your Feet Are: Seven Principles to Keep You Present, Grounded, and Thriving" is a journal-like book of essays written by Scott O'Neil. O'Neil talks about how to remain in the present moment, be grounded and have the confidence to thrive no matter what challenges you might face in life.

Scott O'Neil challenges us to be present, grounded, and thriving each day. He offers seven principles for how to do just that. These principles focus on staying connected to our bodies, acknowledging the benefits of mindful awareness, being fully in the moment, communicating what matters most, embracing vulnerability, living a life of gratitude and love, and cultivating an open heart.

Published Date 2021-06-01
Duration 5 hours 23 minutes
Author Scott O'neil
Narrated Scott O'neil
(1 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Business & Economics
Parent Category Career Development

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