Bamboozled By Jesus: How God Tricked Me into the Life of My Dreams Free Audiobook Download by Yvonne Orji

Bamboozled By Jesus is a memoir of the author's life from childhood to adulthood. The book narrates her journey into Christianity, and how God tricked her into accepting Christ. Once she accepted him, He put her life in order, while simultaneously pointing out all of the mistakes that had been made up until that point in her life.

We've all been bamboozled by Jesus. He's the one who tricked us into giving him our money and believing he could get us out of hell. He tricked us into believing that we could be rich and stay Christian, and he tricked us into thinking that just because we're Christians, we'd never have to work again.

Bamboozled By Jesus: How God Tricked Me into the Life of My Dreams by Yvonne Orji audiobook download tells the story of a woman who has been told since she was a child that she must serve Jesus in order to experience true meaning and purpose. In search of meaning, she joins a nation-wide movement to find Jesus and become "a disciple," but soon realizes that her friends, family, and church are all lying to her.

One day, when I was trolling YouTube for a good video to watch, I found one made by Yvonne Orji. This lady was so funny and insightful with her opinion on life and God that I had to purchase the book she talked about in the video. The book Bamboozled by Jesus: How God Tricked Me into the Life of My Dreams was absolutely amazing! It's a story of how God brought Yvonne from bankruptcy to the book deal of her dreams.

In this audiobook, Yvonne Orji talks about how she's conned by religion. All of her life she's followed the rules and listens to what her parents tell her to do, but when her life takes a drastic turn, she decides to make some changes.

Bamboozled by Jesus is an honest, powerful and hilarious memoir about the life of Yvonne Orji who grew up in a strict Christian family and was determined to be a professional ballerina. She had dreams that would never be realized and eventually found herself living on the streets due to addiction, poverty, prostitution and crime. At 25 years old she found herself homeless with her five-year-old daughter in Chicago. It took over three years of intense therapy, meetings with pastors and spiritual leaders, intense prayer sessions and conversations with God himself before she finally felt comfortable enough to accept Jesus into her life, enter recovery and dance again.

Published Date 2021-05-25
Duration 6 hours 31 minutes
Author Yvonne Orji
Narrated Yvonne Orji
(52 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Comedy
Parent Category Essays & Memoirs, Memoir, Christianity

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