Apocalipsis Free Audiobook Download by Stephen King

This audiobook is set in the United States, where things have gone wrong. The world has been invaded by giant ants, but it still has electricity and phones that work. This sounds like a cool book for people who like the apocalypse.

While listening to the audiobook of Apocalipsis, I was enthralled by the story and loved how it gave me goosebumps. It’s told in a unique way as King walks you through each scene with a narrator who has been chosen for their ability to tell the story beautifully. The narrator is not just an actor but someone who could actually help you understand some of the deeper meaning behind many of the events that take place in Apocalipsis.

As a fan of Stephen King's works, I was eager to listen to his apocalyptic novel Apocalipsis. I was relieved to find that it was narrated by Cristian Villamil, who is also the author's son.

Cristian Villamil is the narrator of this audiobook. He has a deep and powerful voice, perfect for giving life to King's apocalyptic narrative.

This is a thriller by Stephen King about the end of the world. In his classic horror novel, an unexplained sickness wipes out nearly all of humanity - except for seven people who are immune. They're living in a military base that they believe to be safe, until they learn that outside, the virus has spread to kill them all - and soon.

Stephen King's post-apocalyptic thriller, "Apocalipsis", is narrated by a man who is not named in the text. The narrator introduces himself as a survivor of a worldwide cataclysm (the apocalypse) and spends most of his time talking about the people who have survived with him. He begins the story by telling us what it was like to avoid the violence, but makes it clear that he has changed and that all he can say for certain about society now is that, "It's gone."

Published Date 2020-12-10
Duration 48 hours 16 minutes
Author Stephen King
Narrated Cristian Villamil
(13 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category Horror

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