A Torch Against the Night Free Audiobook Download by Sabaa Tahir

A Torch Against the Night is a fantasy novel that tells the story of two young people, Adelice and Raffe, who are swept up in a revolution. At the beginning of the novel, Adelice is found abandoned on an island by Raffe and is taken in. She knows nothing about who she is or where she came from, but with Raffe's help she starts to uncover her past.

"A Torch Against the Night" is an adventure in a magical land, where humans are ruled by enormous Automatons and must stay hidden or risk being found and destroyed. "A Torch Against the Night" follows Amir and Rowan as they both fight to save their worlds, torn apart by the fates of their families.

The adaption by the audiobook company, Geffen Publications, was created as a novella that is told from two perspectives. The first perspective follows Amal, a newly-minted apprentice who has been assigned to be Sabaa's assistant for the evening. Sabaa is telling the story of her journey and experiences trying to escape slavery. The second perspective is that of Amal as she tries to make sense of her life with Amal's parents while working closely with Sabaa.

A Torch Against the Night is a fantasy novel of dark and dangerous magic, where an ancient nation divided by two religions is at war. When Yelena discovers she has the power to control fire, she’s kidnapped by soldiers from her own people—and taken to the very heart of a conflict that could destroy not just her own world but all of its inhabitants. In this highly anticipated new series from Sabaa Tahir, a world as rich in detail and complexity as it is in danger awaits on every page.

When it comes to audiobooks, I'm a little particular. I like them only in certain genres: science fiction, some mystery and detective novels, fantasy. As you can imagine, the cover of this book caught my eye on Audible. It definitely drew me in with the title and it didn't disappoint once I started listening to it. The reader was great-I loved how each character had different accents that made the story feel lively and alive! The narrator really brought life to this story as well. Each scene felt alive and detailed with just the right amount of suspense.

When in the past, did you ever want a new world? One where people were divided into groups based on their bloodlines but not their abilities or worth? A world where everything is black and white, all right, and no one gets hurt?

Published Date 2016-08-30
Duration 15 hours 9 minutes
Author Sabaa Tahir
Narrated Steve West, Fiona Hardingham, Katharine Lee Mcewan
(46 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Teen
Parent Category General

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