A Slice of Heaven Free Audiobook Download by Sherryl Woods

Sherryl Woods is a favorite author of mine. Her books are always touching and they always leave you feeling happy and content. I was lucky enough to be able to download her latest book, A Slice of Heaven, which had been narrated by the amazing Lauren Ezzo. It was great reading such a wonderful book with my favorite narrator.

A Slice of Heaven is a sentimental read that is destined to please any reader looking for a heartwarming story.

This story starts in a small town during the Christmas season. Jingle bells are in the air, everyone is excited for presents and the holidays. But our heroine's biggest gift will come when she meets her hero for the first time. This is a story about love, loss and moving on with life.

The latest audiobook to release from the best-selling author's, Sherryl Woods is a romantic drama that will leave you in tears. This fantastic story of family ties and the power of love is uniquely told through the eyes of twins, Winnie and Noah James who were born on Christmas Eve after their parents prepared for a perfect Christmas wedding; but shortly after Winnie's birth, complications with her pregnancy caused her mother to die. Now Winnie must raise her little brother without their father who has also died. The rest of the story follows how these two twins learn to cope with how they were dealt such an unfair hand by their family and find comfort in each other as they grow up together.

This audiobook is about a woman who doesn't give up on love and through all the hell she went through, she found love. This book is really amazing.

A Slice of Heaven is Sherryl Woods' debut novel. It became a bestseller, selling more than 12 million copies around the world. A Slice of Heaven has been made into a movie and was adapted for TV.

Published Date 2021-05-13
Duration 11 hours 23 minutes
Author Sherryl Woods
Narrated Lauren Ezzo
(1 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Family Life, General, Contemporary

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