A Secret History of Witches: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Louisa Morgan

A Secret History of Witches: A Novel is a novel about the history of witches. It follows four women as they follow their dreams to be witches in England/1614. The book starts with Joy, a new witch, who seeks out an old woman to ask her question about witchcraft. She meets the woman and asks her question, but she doesn't seem interested in answering it. It's then revealed that this woman is Mary the witch who killed all her competition because they were jealous of her powers. When Mary eventually dies, she passes on all of her powers to Joy and her three sisters who help bring up the four daughters that make up the central plot of the novel

A Secret History of Witches: A Novel is a beautifully written, dark historical novel by Louisa Morgan. It tells the story of three witches and their descendants who live in secret throughout centuries and continents. The book follows the main character, Hannah, as she finds out about her family's heritage and struggles to break out of her small town life to make something better for herself. Hannah must find a way to protect her family from those that want to take away the magic they have been given since the beginning.

The book is about a young witch, who was born during the turbulence of the French Revolution. She grew up to be a powerful and important woman in her day; she stood against the revolution, was relentless in her campaign against injustice, and ultimately accepted the most dangerous mission of all.

What are witches? In this book, witches are not the evil with long black robes and pointy hats that people often picture. Witches in this book are women from all different backgrounds who have very different reasons for wanting to learn about witchcraft. They live and work together in a coven that is located in contemporary New York. The characters include, among others, a single mother of two who runs a small theater company; an elderly woman who was a matinee idol in her youth but struggles to find her place after age takes its toll; a woman who spent most of her life living as an outcast before leaving the family farm behind to find new experiences and become a more open-minded person; a woman recovering from alcohol addiction who meets her match with an older witch named Madame Ailene who teaches her how to connect with the land around her, while staying true to herself. A Secret History of Witches: A Novel narrated by ['Polly Lee'] audiobook download is set against the backdrop of modern-day witchcraft covens in New York City

In Louisa Morgan's novel A Secret History of Witches, the narrator Polly Lee is a reluctant witch newly out of college and in search of her future. After being cast out from her parents' home for her magic, she moves to a small town in New England that has been cursed by the Salem witchcraft trials. Polly Lee meets with an unexpected older woman who explains to Polly Lee the history of witches and what they can do today. The narrator is later contacted by a man named Ben who asks her to travel back in time and save his ancestor from his execution at the hands of Salem witch hunts.

A Secret History of Witches: A Novel is a story about the lives of three powerful witches in 16th-century England. When one witch was accused of witchcraft and executed, she cursed her accusers in retaliation. The curse still runs through the veins of these women's descendants, a group they call the witches. For generations, they've been able to foretell future events from their dreams and influence them by changing the course of their lives. Now, one witch's descendants have discovered that all their history has been a lie. They travel back to find out how this deception was created before it destroys everything that they've believed in for centuries.

Published Date 2017-09-05
Duration 17 hours 30 minutes
Author Louisa Morgan
Narrated Polly Lee
(21 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Contemporary Women, Paranormal, Historical

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