A Minute to Think: Reclaim Creativity, Conquer Busyness, and Do Your Best Work Free Audiobook Download by Juliet Funt

"As you become more creative, your problems seem less daunting and the world responds with a new found sense of hope."

This book is filled with advice for those who might be feeling too busy. Funt gives real-life examples of people who have sought to reclaim their creativity and conquer busyness by making small changes to their lives.

This book is all about how to combat being busy and reclaiming your creative life. It takes you through a variety of key points in an easy to read and understandable way. The author, Juliet Funt, says that the first step is to get rid of your distractions. There are many things going on in the background at any given time, so step one is to simplify your life by getting rid of the things that distract you throughout the day.

A Minute to Think: Reclaim Creativity, Conquer Busyness, and Do Your Best Work is a book that will help you regain your creativity by overcoming the challenges of being too busy. This audiobook has been narrated by Juliet Funt for your convenience.

A Minute to Think is a book that takes you on a journey to clear the clutter, reclaim your creativity, and get back to doing what matters most. Funt delivers her message with a powerful mix of facts and stories, challenging you to take action while providing inspiring ideas for living better.

A Minute to Think gives you the roadmap to reclaim creativity, conquer busyness, and do your best work. This book is an audiobook that was written by Juliet Funt who has had a long career in the tech industry. She offers tools to help you get unstuck and stay focused on what matters most.

Published Date 2021-08-03
Duration 7 hours 2 minutes
Author Juliet Funt
Narrated Juliet Funt
(0 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Business & Economics
Parent Category HR & Office Administration, Negotiation & Communication

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