A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms Free Audiobook Download by George R. R. Martin

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms is a fantasy novel written by George R. R. Martin and was his first published work in 1975. It tells the story of Dunk, who rises from obscurity to become a knight after fighting alongside the legendary warrior Ser Duncan Targaryen during the War of Conquest.

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms audiobook download features both the original English language text and the American English selected by [Harry Lloyd] narrator. The narrator has an excellent clear voice and is an actor in some of the most popular television shows and movies, such as Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Mr Selfridge, and many more.

George R. R. Martin is a master of his craft and has written some very popular books that have been adapted for TV and film. 'A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms' is one such book, which was originally released in 1996. Harry Lloyd voices King Renly Baratheon in this tale of war from the viewpoint of his squire, Ned Stark's son, Robb Stark. This audiobook is also available as a free download on Audible if you're interested in getting to know more about this magical world

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms is a fantasy novel that tells the story of Dunk, a hedge knight who gets in trouble with the law. He seeks refuge at an inn run by Ser Duncan the Tall and his family, where he learns about "knights of the realm", knights sworn to defend the common man. The novel follows Dunk as he travels through a dangerous world, trying to make sense of what happened to him and who he is.

George R. R. Martin's work has been hailed as a modern classic. The four extraordinary novels in his epic series, A Song of Ice and Fire, follow the noble warrior, Ned Stark, and his courageous family as they fight for control of the Seven Kingdoms. In “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” Ned is captured during a daring escape from King’s Landing, the capital city of Westeros, along with the administrator of mines and three members of the Night’s Watch. Their captor is Lord Varys, an expert slave trader whose duplicitous schemes span continents.

The audiobook is narrated by Harry Lloyd, who plays Jon Snow on Game of Thrones. He does an amazing job at giving each character their own voice and capturing their personalities. The language used in this audiobook is a mix of English and Spanish, so it is not complicated to understand the narration.

Published Date 2015-10-06
Duration 10 hours 0 minutes
Author George R. R. Martin
Narrated Harry Lloyd
(273 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Action & Adventure, Short Stories, Epic Fantasy

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