2034: A Novel of the Next World War Free Audiobook Download by James Stavridis,Elliot Ackerman

The following is a brief overview of 2034, the novel written by James Stavridis Elliot Ackerman. In the novel, multiple countries come together as one great nation to defeat an enemy. The United States helps create this united country by creating a new government that stays true to democratic principles and values. This new form of government falls into chaos after it loses its leader, who was elected democratically and remains in power until his death. The revolution follows quickly after his death and the new president kicks out all members of the old regime that were on American soil.

2034 is a unique and gripping novel. Set shortly after the next World War, we follow the story of three teenagers as they are sneaking through a war-torn city trying to survive. There was action, drama, and just enough mystery to keep me hooked on this exciting read.

2034 is a novel of the next world war by James Stavridis Elliot Ackerman. It's one of the most progressive books as it depicts a new drug called "Oasis" which suppresses memories, creating a world with no past. Due to the near-future setting and sparsely used dialogue, it has been beneficial for those who would like to get in some good listening time without having to concentrate on what is being said.

2034: A Novel of the Next World War is a science-fiction novel that takes place in a dystopian United States, following what author James Stavridis Elliot Ackerman described as "a global catastrophe that we can only guess about". The novel follows various characters through time as they cope with the aftermath of the disaster.

The Story: In 2034, centuries has passed since the nuclear age. Mankind has been at peace for almost a century and things are going well for the world's leading nations. All that changes when an unstable nation in Asia called China unleashes a weapon from the past. This is an original novel of speculative fiction. Led by their charismatic, idealistic young leader, China begins to threaten its old allies with nuclear weapons and military power. The United States must plan for an attack in order to take back their old world...

Published Date 2021-03-09
Duration 10 hours 49 minutes
Author James Stavridis, Elliot Ackerman
Narrated Dion Graham, Feodor Chin, Emily Woo Zeller, P.J. Ochlan, Vikas Adam
(28 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category Political Thriller, War & Military, General

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