1200 Fun, Random & Interesting Facts To Win Trivia! - Fact Books For Kids (Boys and Girls Age 12 - 15) Audiobook Download by Scott Matthews

This digital audiobook from Scott Matthews is a great book for kids. It contains loads of interesting facts about all sorts of things. These are written in an easy and entertaining way that kids will find incredibly fun to read. The narrator does a great job with the different voices he uses during the story, making it one you'll enjoy listening too.

Fact Books For Kids is a treasure trove of knowledge, dating all the way back to the emergence of our universe! From the origins of life, to different species of animals, to famous people and infamous tyrants, kids will be captivated by learning about fun and interesting facts and trivia. With over 600 pages of content, this book has something for everyone - and at the end, there's an audiobook download!

Whether you're a child or just a trivia enthusiast looking for the perfect book, this is for you! This book has it all -- 1200 fun, random & interesting facts. It is not just boring and dull facts that will bore your interest. You'll find fascinating stuff like "The world's most expensive brand of cigarettes was rolled out by Winston Churchill in 1946." There are even some great quotes like "Never give up; never surrender; never stop fighting" from an unknown speaker.

When you buy the audiobook this book is narrated by Scott Matthews. He really brings the book to life. The story has a lot of fun facts, interesting twists, and plenty of trivia. This would be a great book for kids that enjoy trivia games or adults who want a fun new way to find out random facts about life.

It's an easy read that provides information on 1200 facts in a fun, random, and interesting way. The book has plenty of illustrations to keep the content engaging for young minds along with infographics throughout.

We have compiled many random and interesting facts for children of all ages that will help them win trivia games and be the smartest in their class. We hope you enjoy this book!

Published Date 2021-03-10
Duration 3 hours 22 minutes
Author Scott Matthews
Narrated Roch Bordenave
(1 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? No
Category Comedy
Parent Category General Comedy, Hobbies & Games

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