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Radio Theatre is a performance medium. The narrator reads text that is sent through the airwaves, as if it were a radio broadcast. The text can be delivered in one of two ways: spoken word or sound effects. If you are looking for a more nostalgic style of storytelling, then Radio Theatre might be for you.

In the Radio Theatre category, you will find a list of audiobooks that are specifically designed for listening to on the radio. Some of these books are classics, but many are new and exciting publications that you can enjoy in your commute or during your errands.

Listening to audiobooks on a commute can get you through your daily routine, but not all audiobooks are created equal. Here are some tips for finding the best kind of audiobook for your commute.

There are many audiobooks on the market to choose from and most are produced by authors. However, some audiobooks are recorded live in a theatre setting. If you're looking for an audiobook that's thrilling, exciting, and captivating, give this category a try.

Radio Theatre titles with the most reviews tend to have a high star rating. This could be due to the excellent storytelling and character development, as well as techniques such as sound effects that are employed by a good narrator.

Audio books are another thing that use a lot of audio and have a lot of different formats. This is especially true in the radio theatre audiobook category. Radio theatre is an incredible genre that can add to fiction, horror or science fiction. One of my favorite radio theatre audiocast audiobooks was Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. This is a classic story that has been told and retold many times with the most recent being a TV show on FOX Network under the title Frankenstein: The Prodigal Son Returns.