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Karen Kingsbury's When Joy Came to Stay is about a family who is living in a small town. David and Abby are expecting their first child. They have recently moved into the old Peacock property, which was left by Alvin, Joy's father. David and his brother Stewart inherited it from their great-grandfather and didn't know that Joy came to live there as well when she was very little. Now she is back home as an adult, with her husband Jared and children. The book starts with all of the family members planning for a surprise anniversary party for David and Abby, unaware of what has been going on in their lives all this time.

In the novel "When Joy Came to Stay" by Karen Kingsbury, the reader is given a glimpse into what life during the Great Depression was like. Jenny McClain is a nine-year-old girl living in Little Rock, Arkansas during this time period and she is excited when her mother, father and brother come home from work one day with a new family member--a baby sister named Joy. However, as soon as their parents leave for work again, someone knocks on the door to take their mother away in handcuffs who had been arrested after being seen trying to buy food for a starving family. When Jenny and Joy's dad leaves for work, he takes one of his business cards with him to give out so people know about where they can find food and help for their family.

When Joy Comes to Stay is a story of hope and redemption. It's the story of a young woman named Joy, who was adopted by a loving family in Oregon, as a newborn. She grew up with all the love in the world and never knew anything else until she witnessed firsthand the unthinkable: her father pushed his teenage daughter down an embankment because of her relationship with another girl. This could have been tragic for her, but instead, God intervened because of Joy's faith and love for him. Soon after this event, she decided to move back to Florida so that she could be closer to her parents and siblings. Despite all the hardships she faced, Joy never gave up on God or her family.

Karen Kingsbury has written a heartwarming book that captures the essence of motherhood. Author Karen Kingsbury's newest novel, When Joy Came to Stay, is a tear-jerker. It tells the story of what happened when Joy came to live with the young family after their second daughter was born. Her stay lasted for six months until her family could afford to keep her. The family found joy in every day they spent with Joy and would have been lost without her.

The title of the book, "When Joy Came to Stay," is a sweet one. It tells of the joy and love that came into the lives of the Widow Turner and her four children. The Widow's story starts out with tragedy, when she loses her husband in a car accident. She has just started a new job as a teacher and has children who are too young to understand what happened to their dad. Within five years, she finds herself completely in love with another man and married his shy twenty-year-old son. One night at dinner with her husband and daughter, they are told of a truth she would have never imaged possible: she was adopted and they were not related to each other at all. This news forces them to face their own pasts and finally learn how much family means.

Karen Kingsbury's newest novel, When Joy Came to Stay, is the story of a family struggling after the loss of their 8-year-old daughter. After she was hit by a car and died in the hospital, Joy is able to choose where she will live when she leaves Earth. She chooses Heaven and moves in with her best friend Maddie, who suffered from leukemia for years before finally succumbing to death. When Joy heals from her own injury and decides to move back down to earth, she discovers that Maddie has come back as well.

Published Date 2007-01-05
Duration 13 hours 35 minutes
Author Karen Kingsbury
Narrated Barbara Caruso
(9 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Romance
Parent Category Contemporary, Religious & Inspirational

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