Until June Free Audiobook Download by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Until June is an audiobook by Aurora Rose Reynolds. This story is about a boy named Roger Wayne who almost drowned on the Fourth of July during a family vacation to the beach. Will this one event change his life?

Until June is a beautiful love story that was written by Aurora Rose Reynolds and narrated by Roger Wayne. It's the story of a boy named Roger who has been in love with Jillian for years, but he knows she only wants someone to be with her because of her family's wealth. Until June is about his journey to find true love.

Since she was a little girl, Aurora Rose Reynolds has had an out-of-body experience. Now she's ready to find her way back to reality and give up the ghost...or is she? When it turns out she's actually been in prison her whole life, Aurora must escape authorities who want to break her spirit and restart their brutal experiment on an unsuspecting new subject.

Aurora Rose Reynolds writes beautifully. There is a certain magic to her words, the way the story is so detailed that you feel like you're there. But this book's not just about the writing. It's about being in love and discovering what it means when it feels like your first kiss, your first hug, your first everything. Until June is an audiobook you'll want to listen to again and again and again.

Aurora Rose Reynolds is a young author who has found herself struggling in the publishing world. At just 19-years-old, she started writing what would become her first novel, Until June. After being rejected from numerous publishing houses with varying feedback as to why, Aurora decided to take her story and publish it herself. Using an audiobook service called Audible, she published the book and now she is selling it on Amazon.com.

Aurora Rose Reynolds has a unique writing style that is mesmerizing and heartbreakingly beautiful. Until June is told from the perspective of two different characters, Roger Wayne and Jillian Macie. They write their own memoirs about how they met and fell in love only to see it torn apart by the decisions of one person.

Published Date 2016-08-09
Duration 7 hours 36 minutes
Author Aurora Rose Reynolds
Narrated Roger Wayne, Jillian Macie
(44 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Romance
Parent Category Contemporary, Mystery

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