The Witness Free Audiobook Download by Nora Roberts

The Witness is a suspenseful and surprising thriller about a woman's search for her missing sister in the small town of Loon Lake, New York, where secrets are held tightly and fear of the unknown seems to be everyone's only defense.

Nora Roberts is one of the world's best-selling writers. Her latest novel, The Witness, is being released this month. In this suspenseful psychological thriller, crime writer and part-time detective 'Hope' Alexander has just returned to her hometown in upstate New York when a young woman comes running into her house covered in blood. When Hope investigates, she finds herself pulled into a dark web of secrets that threaten to unravel her life forever.

There are many things that I enjoy about listening to audiobooks, but one of my favourites is how the narrator can add a ton of personality to a story. It's easy for people who have never read a book to get hooked on an audiobook and want to know what happens next, so having someone narrating the words can really make it feel like you're getting personal insights from the author.

Mistress Julia, 'The Witness,' is the seventh installment in Nora Roberts' Private Justice series. Follow private detective Nikki Gage as she tracks down a murderer.

The Witness is one of the most anticipated books of the year and it doesn't disappoint. Nora Roberts has always been one of my favorite authors, but The Witness proves that she can keep up with her own standards. The audiobook is narrated by Julia Whelan and she does an amazing job. I was so into this book that I forgot I was listening to a story instead of reading it while driving around town.

The Witness is a mystery that takes place in the seaside town of Nantucket. Nora Roberts' newest book is the first in her new series, and it's a page-turner, rich with intrigue and complexity. Despite some slightly predictable moments and the occasional predictability, this book is worth a read for any fan of suspenseful fiction.

Published Date 2012-04-17
Duration 16 hours 22 minutes
Author Nora Roberts
Narrated Julia Whelan
(363 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Romance
Parent Category Mystery

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