The Mouse and the Motorcycle Free Audiobook Download by Beverly Cleary

Beverly Cleary was a bestselling author of children's literature who wrote about the adventures of Henry Huggins and his friends. One particular story, "The Mouse and the Motorcycle," is about a mouse named Wrinkles and a motorcycle named Popsy. As it turns out, the mouse wants to ride the bike, but doesn't know how to operate it. Wrinkles eventually learns to ride the bike and enjoys doing so; he even goes on a cross-country trip with Mommy Mouse on their way back home.

This is the story of two young mice who argue about which one is fastest. The first mouse compares himself to a racecar, and the second mouse compares herself to a bicycle. They decide to race each other, but once they start, they realize that their winning machine is actually the little gray cat purring in the sun.

Beverly Cleary is a famous American author of children's literature. In this story, a mouse named Harold meets a motorcycle named Lightning who offers to trade places with Harold to see what life is like on the bike. Harold agrees and soon realizes that being on the back of the motorcycle is really hard work for him. He also starts to understand how it feels for other people when they are bullied by a bully like Lightning.

Since I was a little girl, Beverly Cleary's The Mouse and the Motorcycle has been my favorite character in the books. When I heard that B.D. Wong would be narrating it, I couldn't wait to hear his voice and I knew this would be one enjoyable story for me to listen to.

Beverly Cleary's children's novel introduces a fascinating new world of cars, motorcycles, and the way they talk to each other. The narrator makes everything seem much more vivid than in actual real life.

Beverly Cleary's classic children's story about a mouse and a motorcycle is now available in audio format. This version of the story is narrated by B. D. Wong, who does an excellent job adding his own special touch to this timeless classic that will entertain both kids and parents alike.

Published Date 2007-01-23
Duration 2 hours 18 minutes
Author Beverly Cleary
Narrated B. D. Wong
(22 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Kids
Parent Category Humor, Animals & Nature, General

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