The Lost City of the Monkey God: A True Story Free Audiobook Download by Douglas Preston

The Lost City of the Monkey God, a true story written by "New York Times" bestselling author Douglas Preston and a genuine detective story from the front lines. This is one of those rare, must-read books that "The New York Times Book Review" calls, "A page-turner for our dilettantes of abnormal behavior"

The Lost City of the Monkey God is a true story about one of America's most unusual archaeologists, Doug Preston. In the late 1990s, Douglas Preston began to research ancient ruins in the Honduran rainforest for his wife, Alice Olson Preston. They found a city that was once home to the enigmatic "monkey god" people who worshiped and sacrificed monkeys. Although their remains are now scattered across Honduras, upon discovery, Doug and Alice were able to excavate many relics from this site.

"This is a story about a strange and wondrous place," begins Preston, "a small spot on the map of the world that became an obsession for me. This is the story of how I found it and why it remains one of my favorite places on Earth."

Douglas Preston is a science journalist and editor of the National Geographic Magazine. In this book he tells a story of how an expedition to find the "lost city of the monkey god" in Guatemala unearthed a 2,200-year-old mystery that exposes our origins. The Lost City of the Monkey God: A True Story follows the team for several months wearing out shoes and getting by on filthy, dangerous food as they struggle to uncover new information about the ancient civilization.

Douglas Preston takes a look at an ancient lost city and the mystery of its disappearance. His journeys in the Amazon have led him to a remote village where he meets an amiable old silverback named Tinoco. He tells Preston that in his youth, forty years ago, a much younger man had paid them a visit by plane. The wealthy visitor showed up in a shiny red helicopter with markings that identified it as belonging to the U.S. government's National Geographic Society. After arriving, the visitor climbed into a deep-sea diving suit and entered the nearby lake after cutting down the surrounding trees around its shoreline.

The Lost City of the Monkey God: A True Story is a non-fiction literary adventure novel written by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. It is about an archaeologist and his son as they lose their way in the Amazon rainforest, discover an ancient city, and battle with natives to survive. The book also highlights past human civilizations in the Amazon which have been forgotten in history.

Published Date 2017-01-03
Duration 10 hours 30 minutes
Author Douglas Preston
Narrated Bill Mumy
(57 Reviews)
Abridged No
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Category History
Parent Category Latin America, World

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