The Kiss Quotient: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Helen Hoang

"The Kiss Quotient" is a story about an advertising copywriter and how she manages to break the rules. The book takes place in Los Angeles, California where Mia is trying to find herself. Her job is going nowhere and her love life is just as bad. Then one day she meets a woman who asks her to make love to another woman for research purposes. Mia agrees and the world changes: no longer does she feel like a freak; she feels normal; but with that comes information from someone else's lips, and money from her family—money made by something long gone, something that never should have been stopped in the first place.

'The Kiss Quotient' is a short, sweet story that follows Vivian who has recently been left by her husband. She is trying to build a new life for herself in the world of Silicon Valley where she can live the tech-laden lifestyle she always dreamed of. Enter Frank, an 8-year old boy with Tourettes syndrome and what seems to be a crush on Vivian. With his help, she learns to navigate the dating world and discovers new passions along the way as she tries to make it work as a single woman in today's society.

The Kiss Quotient: A Novel is about Vivienne, a high-powered CEO that decides to hire personal assistant, Ana. Despite all the stress of her job, she looks forward to having sex every night with men who are all too eager to keep up with her demanding schedule. When she meets James, however, he's different from the rest and refuses to be pushed around.

Carly Robins is a professional lip reader who is hired to work on the case of an unidentified man found dead in a hotel. The victim's wife, Katy, hires Carly to find out what happened to her husband so she can finally get some closure.

Carly Robinson is a forty-year-old single mom, who struggles to raise her two girls: one older and one younger. One day, her younger daughter, Maggie, comes home with a pop quiz on how to kiss, and the results are inconclusive. Maggie begs for help from Carly's ex-boyfriend (she still has feelings for him), who provides her with the perfect prescription for what ails her: he introduces her to his friend Minh-Ha Le. Minh-Ha is an observant Vietnamese woman whose father runs a successful dating company that helps people find true love. She offers Carly a seemingly lucrative deal: if she will be her first client and have Minh-Ha assist her in developing the perfect kissing technique

The Kiss Quotient: A Novel is a story about a woman's first love and her long struggle to find him. Although she believes they were meant to be together, it's difficult when they don't talk or see each other again for years. But eventually, fate intervenes and Carly can no longer avoid the man who will impact her life in ways she never imagined.

Published Date 2018-06-05
Duration 9 hours 37 minutes
Author Helen Hoang
Narrated Carly Robins
(132 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Romance
Parent Category Multicultural & Interracial, General

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