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In the audiobook, William Strauss explains how he saw the first turning at the beginning of the 20th century when Europe went through massive social, economic and political upheaval. He also discusses how there are four turning points in a generation, which may be summed up by the quote: 'The world is not going to change until it has gone through these four turnings.'

A book about a theory for interpreting history and predicting future trends, The Fourth Turning has been a favorite read among some of the world's most successful businessmen. William Strauss' theories are based on cycles that repeat themselves with regularity. He believes that we're nearing the end of one such cycle that began in 1914 and will lead into another period characterized by great changes in society and politics. His theories speak to how cultures change over time, how one economy can replace another, and how civil unrest is often followed by great progress for humanity.

The Fourth Turning is a book written by William Strauss and Neil Howe. The book chronicles the cycles of history and how they happen in different eras. It also discusses the current economic and political climate as a part of one long cycle of history, which it calls the "long downturn."

The Fourth Turning is a book written by Strauss and Howe, who are both American historians. In the first chapter they state that there was a time of stability, not unlike the peace after World War II in America. Then there was an era of revolutions which brought about waves of change similar to the Industrial Revolution. Now is the time where we enter the beginnings of what could be called the Fourth Turning, an era characterized by chaos and uncertainty.

The Fourth Turning is about the cycles of American history and the inevitability that the United States will go through a major transition during each cycle. It begins with a long-term perspective, looking back at how all the other turning have occurred in American history, and then shifts to a shorter term perspective which looks at how we are currently in the beginning of this transition. The Fourth Turning offers insight into what might happen next in America's future as well as guidance on how to deal with it.

A very important book, it is a collection of essays on what the author believes to be the next 'Fourth Turning' or cycle in history. The Fourth Turning talks about how the world will change after an event that will happen around the year 2020 that will affect society as a whole.

Published Date 1996-12-01
Duration 6 hours 0 minutes
Author William Strauss
Narrated Neil Howe
(30 Reviews)
Abridged Yes
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Category Politics
Parent Category History, Social Science, North America

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