The Course of Human Events Free Audiobook Download by David McCullough

The Course of Human Events is a work of narrative history that chronicles the tumultuous events and great people who have shaped America. It ranges from 13,000 BCE to the year 2008 and covers everything from ancient Rome to the recent financial crisis. If you're looking for a book that can take you on a journey through time and anything else is too easy, this audiobook download is just right for you.

On the surface, David McCullough's "The Course of Human Events" is an engrossing biography on the life of John Adams. Professor McCullough paints a portrait of Adams in such detail that it becomes impossible not to know him. Unlike in most biographies, McCullough does not write about what was happening during an event or who was involved in it; rather, he writes about how events shaped the course of Adams' life.

The audiobook version of The Course of Human Events by David McCullough is narrated by ['David McCullough']. It is an amazing book that tells the history of the world in a very captivating and concise way. This audiobook is perfect for long car rides or when you want to listen to a different perspective on history.

David McCullough is a renowned author in the US. He is known for his works on American history and he has been awarded numerous awards for his writing, including the Pulitzer Prize. He published The Course of Human Events in 1978 and it was downloaded by in audiobook format so that it could be enjoyed by non-speakers.

The Course of Human Events is a 300-plus-page autobiography written by David McCullough. This book follows the author's life in chronological order. It begins with McCullough's childhood on his parents' farm and continues to present day.

The audiobook is narrated by David McCullough, who was born on January 17, 1917. It covers the events in U.S. history from the colonial period to the end of World War II. It features an appendix that includes a timeline of important events and people in U.S. history and an index with a list of names, locations, and topics covered in the audiobook.

Published Date 2005-05-24
Duration 0 hours 46 minutes
Author David McCullough
Narrated David McCullough
(23 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category History
Parent Category North America, World

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