The Charm Offensive: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Alison Cochrun

When beautiful, successful New Yorker, Sarah Morissey is told by her doctor she needs to lose 75 pounds or she will likely die from an impending heart attack, she has no choice. In a last ditch attempt to save her life she leaves everything and flies off to marry a man she's only met for 3 minutes on the airplane. When he tells her that he's not interested in anything more than sex, and then dumps her back home in New York, Sarah is devasted. However, all is not lost as she meets three men who show her the most unforgettable time of her life - where charm gets you everything and love conquers all.

"The Charm Offensive" is a modern day story of a young girl, her mother and their unique relationship. The mother is desperately finding a way to get rid of her daughter's incessant non-stop chattering that so distracts people around them. She convinces the girl to try speaking with her hands in order to show people she has something interesting to say.

"I feel like I know you, Mrs. Gephart," Helena says later that night, when they're driving home. "I feel like I've always known you."

Alison Cochrun had been sitting at her desk for five minutes and was already exhausted from the stress of the day. But she couldn't give up now, no matter how difficult it became for her. She had a job to do and she would not let herself down or let her colleagues down either. As long as she kept her head up, there was always hope.

"The Charm Offensive" is a hilarious and compelling romantic comedy about a woman who falls for her best friend's husband. When the man asks for a divorce, he's not due to cheating; instead, it turns out that his domineering mother-in-law has poisoned his mind against the wife.

The Charm Offensive is a novel which may be classified as a story of "bad girls", but it doesn't have the same moral dilemmas that are typical of such stories. It's not going to teach you anything about life or how to live, but it does provide a good bit of escapism in the form of an entertaining story filled with mystery and interesting characters.

Published Date 2021-09-07
Duration 10 hours 52 minutes
Author Alison Cochrun
Narrated Cassandra Campbell, Vikas Adam, Graham Halstead
(9 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Romance
Parent Category Multicultural & Interracial, Rom-Com, LGBTQ

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