Space Team 7: Planet of the Japes [Dramatized Adaptation]: Space Team Universe Free Audiobook Download by Barry J. Hutchison

The planet of the Japes is ruled with an iron fist by a totalitarian dictatorship. But when a young man named Matti and his friends are captured, they find themselves enlisted as soldiers in an army of resistance that could end the world.

From the author of 'Briggs and Bumble', a new story about Thaddeus Briggs, a young man who's never left Earth. It's the year 2143, and as an Earthling, he dreams of one day going into space to join the Space Team. But now he'll have his chance - but not without an adventure along the way!

The amazing space-time adventure continues as the newly reformed Space Team 7 are reunited with their long-lost leader -- and their old enemies. They're about to save Earth from an alien invasion, but the well-meaning Japes can't help but be a pain in the rear.

In the end, the team's mission gets called off for a much more important assignment. The entire team is moved to an observation post on a planet-sized spaceship called the 'ship' from which they will watch over billions of people on Earth as they live their live.

Space Team 7: Planet of the Japes [Dramatized Adaptation] is a science fiction novel by Barry J. Hutchison. It tells the story of an exploratory team's journey through what they believe to be a wormhole, and the discovery of an entire planet teeming with life. The mission leader, 'Mort Shelby', writes up the report on their discovery in his journal where he gathers information about this previously unknown planet. After having been recovered by their archaeological rival, 'Christopher Walker', it is revealed that everything has been faked and there was never any discovery at all.

Published Date 2022-02-01
Duration 7 hours 4 minutes
Author Barry J. Hutchison
Narrated Christopher Walker, Mort Shelby, Mark Harrietha, Phil Thron, Danny Gavigan, Yasmin Tuazon, Nora Achrati, Rose Elizabeth Supan, Carolyn Kashner, Rob Mcfadyen, Darius Johnson
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Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy
Parent Category Space Opera

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