SECRET: A SECRET Novel Free Audiobook Download by L. Marie Adeline

Secrets, honey. Secrets is all I ever wanted to know. As a young girl locked in a suitcase, I had nothing but secrets. When I was finally found, my life was turned upside down for the better and I wanted to share it with others who might feel what I've felt-suffering the most painful moments of our lives without ever having had them shared with them. So when Sam told me his story-about living the life of one of the most famous writers in history-I became so excited that maybe his story would touch other people too and they could find comfort in their own private suffering just like he did. But then this notion hit me: What if there was a secret Sam hadn't revealed yet

A SECRET Novel by L. Marie Adeline is the story of a man who shares a life-changing secret with his best friend. Through middle aged reflection and jealousy, he recalls his long-standing friendship with his wife, and the love that brought them together. This passionate love story of a husband and wife will leave you in tears, laughing out loud, or both.

SECRET: A SECRET Novel is a novel by L. Marie Adeline about a girl who goes on an adventure through the mythical world of Faia to find out how she can be released from her curse. This audiobook has two options: normal and high energy, both narrated by Jane Thoma.

In order to help you fall in love with SECRET: A SECRET Novel (Adeline isn't in it - she's dead), I've selected a passage that might make you feel something.

SECRET: A SECRET Novel is a mystery thriller about the hunt for the missing daughter of a multimillionaire who disappeared without a trace. Teri, her detective-in-training niece, and her three best friends are on the case. As they dig deeper into their search for Rebecca, they start to uncover secrets that prove just how deep the mystery goes.

You are looking for a new audiobook to listen to and you stumble across one that is a thriller with a secret. The protagonist is an artist who creates a moving painting, but when the painting goes missing, her life starts to unravel. This novel has many twists and turns throughout making it perfect for lovers of suspense. The narrator sounds like she is right in your ear with the suspense and intrigue leading up to the cliffhanger ending.

Published Date 2013-02-05
Duration 7 hours 31 minutes
Author L. Marie Adeline
Narrated Jane Thoma
(54 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Erotica
Parent Category Romantica, Contemporary Women

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