Saving Justice: Truth, Transparency, and Trust Free Audiobook Download by James Comey

James Comey's memoir, "A Higher Loyalty" explores the moral questions that have arisen in recent years and is a must-read for all.

FBI director James Comey was fired by President Trump amid the investigation of possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. Comey later released a book in which he recounts his experiences leading up to his dismissal. The book is available for download in audiobook format, which readers can listen to on any device with a web browser.

Saving Justice is a book about understanding today's difficult and complex political environment. It's about the challenge of holding people accountable in our democracy. It's about how power can be used for good or bad, and what we can do to make sure that power wasted on corruption is not lost.

This audiobook by James Comey is a non-fiction book on the honest pursuit of truth, transparency and trust. It was written in response to the recent revelations about Donald Trump's presidency. The theme that runs throughout this work is that the American justice system relies on trust and honesty, but these values have been eroded as a result of Trump and his administration.

Saving Justice is a gripping audiobook that takes the reader on a journey through newsworthy events in recent history from Watergate to the 2016 election. The book is written by James Comey, who is an FBI Director and former United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York. Comey’s narrative about modern American politics is not an easy read, but it does provide thoughtful insights into public trust and how truth will be shaped in today's world.

Truth, transparency, and trust are often viewed as three inextricably linked components of a just society. Yet author James Comey argues that these concepts are actually the product of one another - rather than the result of external forces, we must earn each component on our own. In his book, Saving Justice, Comey sets out to explore how we are failing to do this in America today. The audiobook is available for purchase online

Published Date 2021-01-12
Duration 6 hours 56 minutes
Author James Comey
Narrated James Comey
(10 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Politics
Parent Category Political Ideologies, Political Advocacy

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