Salvation Free Audiobook Download by Peter F. Hamilton

The Salvation audiobook download narrated by John Lee is a fast-paced, sci-fi thriller that tells the story of humankind's last stand against a technologically superior alien enemy.

Salvation by Peter F. Hamilton is an audio book that plays in a futuristic dystopian society. It's narrated by John Lee. On his own, he was just a guy with a talent for coding and hacking, but after creating a new form of language, he found himself surrounded by murderers and prostitutes that wanted the ability to talk to him.

The year is 2117, and mankind is on the brink of extinction. The last remaining humans are the ones who can't remember anything from before the Fall. Factions of people with different memories exist, but for the most part they follow a strict set of rules. Religion is heavily enforced in society and technology has advanced to where thoughts and conversations can be held in cyberspace using implants called transceivers.

Many people who love to read can agree that part of the attraction is the sense of escape and adventure. This audiobook was written by an author known for writing science fiction, so it delivers that sense of wonder and amazement. By reading this book, the reader will explore a world governed by seemingly immortal beings who use technology in ways humans can only dream about. The story is told from the perspective of a man who has just been saved from living out his life as a lab rat.

Salvation is the first book in this series and the audiobook is narrated by 'John Lee' which goes great with this book and his performance makes me want to listen more. This book was very interesting and entertaining, but it also has some helpful pointers on how to be better financially.

Salvation audiobook download is narrated by John Lee. This science fiction audiobook was written by Peter F. Hamilton, who is well known for his work with stories about virtual worlds and as a computer game designer.

Published Date 2018-09-04
Duration 19 hours 5 minutes
Author Peter F. Hamilton
Narrated John Lee
(23 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy
Parent Category Space Opera, Science Fiction

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