Runaway Ralph Free Audiobook Download by Beverly Cleary

Ralph wants to run away and when he finally does, he's not exactly prepared. His family doesn't approve, they think it was too soon and that he should go back home where everything is fine. Ralph can't bear to be around his family since they are always fighting and tells them all he's going to do is live in the woods with his best friend Sam. He leaves on a rainy night but just as the rain starts to tumble, it stops for a moment and Ralph sees the moon through the trees. It looks like a giant magnifying glass and in that moment, Ralph is filled with such hope of finding something better than what he has at home and decides to stay in the forest.

It's the summer of 1969 and Ralph is on his way home from camp when he decides to run away. He hops on a bus, but then he realizes that he doesn't know where home is. He keeps getting off the bus, which was only supposed to take him to big city, but no one will take him anywhere else. When he gets off one more time and starts walking out of town, his dad finds him and takes him back to camp.

Ralph is a mischievous but lovable dog who has a habit of running away. One day, his family gets fed up with his antics, and Ralph runs away for good. Before long, Ralph's family learns to accept the fact that he is missing. They miss him and wait patiently for him to return or find a way back home.

B. D. Wong is a great narrator and makes the book so much more enjoyable than it would have been if read by someone else. Plus, it has some hilarious moments ('He ran!' Ralph exclaimed in disbelief) that wouldn't seem quite as funny to read on your own.

Ralph moves to a new town with his mom and dad. He has a lot of fun playing with the friends he makes in his new town. One day, Ralph decides that he wants to go home for a visit but he doesn't know how to get there. This is when Ralph asks if it's possible to ride in an airplane that goes really high up and soars over mountains.

Ralph is a very mischievous horse that Ralph tries to run away from home. He falls asleep in his stable and starts running away. His owner, Mrs. Random, is so glad that he's found and she promises to never let him out of the stable again. But Ralph doesn't want to hear that and runs away again. Even though Ralph has had many adventures, he always comes back home because he knows Mrs. Random won't be mad at him.

Published Date 2007-01-23
Duration 2 hours 27 minutes
Author Beverly Cleary
Narrated B. D. Wong
(13 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Kids
Parent Category Humor, Animals & Nature, General

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