Red Rising - Red Rising 1 (Ungekürzt) Free Audiobook Download by Pierce Brown

Red Rising is a book about finding hope in hopeless situations and becoming the hero that you were meant to be.

In the near future, North America lacks resources and has been split into colour-coded nations. Darrow is a red, who believes in the power of the "colour". He is also a talented artist and craftsman; made from a rare material that he can shape and form into anything he desires.

Red Rising is a futuristic novel, set in a future America. The world has been taken over by the corporations and there's been a class system where the rulers, called Golds, rule over everyone else. Darrow is one of them and when he is captured, his life changes forever. He is forced into slavery as an engineer but eventually escapes and goes after those who enslaved him to teach them what they missed: that there can be another way...

Red Rising is an action-packed young adult sci-fi dystopian novel written by Pierce Brown. After the suns have gone dark, society has been divided into five classes: Golds who rule over everyone else in society, Silvers who work for them, Browns who are the poor and downtrodden that live in the slums and serve the Gols, Reds who rebel against those in power and fight against the oppressive regime of the Gols. However, everyone knows that there's a sixth class that no one dares to speak of or mention. "They're born under our watch."

Red Rising is a sci-fi dystopian novel set inside a futuristic world where the first humans to be born with an actual soul, called Reds, face a future of extreme prejudice and oppression. The story follows Darrow, who has been cast out by his family and society when he decides to rebel against the status quo by joining the Rising - an underground rebellion movement that aims at destroying the Capitol.

Published Date 2018-02-23
Duration 16 hours 51 minutes
Author Pierce Brown
Narrated Marco Sven Reinbold
(5 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy
Parent Category Science Fiction

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