Reaper's Legacy Free Audiobook Download by Joanna Wylde

In Reaper's Legacy a young girl named Joanna Wylde is not your average ten year old. One night she wakes up from a terrible nightmare to find that her parents and brother have mysteriously vanished in the woods. That's when she meets the reaper, who takes her on his journey of reclaiming her family.

The Demon King is dead, killed by the Reaper and his hell hounds. And so is the human world. The Demon Queen rules them alone now, with a twisted heart. But even she can't hide forever from her past. Years later, new threats arise to mankind-- including ones that are more like herself than she would care to admit to herself

It is a story of love, hope and redemption from the author of the best-selling novel Reaper's Blade. So far it has been downloaded over 2 million times and is still continuing to grow in popularity with new downloads.

Reaper's Legacy is an epic fantasy about a hero who emerges from the shadows to save the world. This audio book is so good that some listeners might not want it to end.

"Reaper's Legacy" is a post-apocalyptic short story written by Joanna Wylde. It follows the journey of an 18 year old girl who was injured in a car crash and left for dead by the side of the road when she wakes up to find herself in a world turned upside down, faced with the realization that life will be different now.

In Reaper's Legacy, by Joanna Wylde, Todd Haberkorn stars as the Reaper and Tania Sokolov stars as the protagonist. The two lead characters are cousins who have a complicated relationship that is filled with tension and resentment towards one another. One night, after a family gathering at the wedding of their parents, the two cousins witness a boy being murdered by another man. The events from this evening shape the rest of their lives as they both go on wildly different paths which eventually leads them to find each other again in a new environment.

Published Date 2014-02-26
Duration 11 hours 0 minutes
Author Joanna Wylde
Narrated Todd Haberkorn, Tatiana Sokolov
(33 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Erotica
Parent Category Romantica

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