Reaper's Fire Free Audiobook Download by Joanna Wylde

The book is narrated by two people, a woman and a man that have been reincarnated as each other after living hundreds of years apart. The woman was a powerful druid with the ability to shape-shift into an owl and fly, while the man was the now king of the werewolves. Despite their ancient pasts, they meet up and start a relationship together.

Aliens have been attacking Earth for years. With the technology humans used to develop and create, they have no chance of winning. Our only hope is if we can find the alien's mainframe and destroy it before they find us. When a group of Alliance soldiers led by Lieutenant Owen (Nim) Davis decide to strike at night, they start a fire that ignites the fuel stored next door in a shed. It doesn't take long for the fire to spread, but just as soon as it does, an alien ship appears overhead and begins targeting the fire with its beam weapons.

Reaper's Fire is a riveting thriller that takes place in a remote mountain town. Kept captive by the locals as children, three outcasts lead a struggle for survival against their captors. Sean Crisden delivers an engaging story with solid narration from Tatiana Sokolov.

'Sean Crisden' is a soldier of the Fells, and he has always been loyal to his master. But when his master sends him on a mission to find two people who were once close friends, 'Crisden' must choose between what's right and what's wrong.

Reaper's Fire is a debut novel that follows the life of a boy who is one part human, one part demon. It takes place on Earth in the year 2023 where humans and demons are living among each other and the only way to survive is to join a "family." This family will not harm those under their protection and will do anything they can to keep the members safe. The main character, Quinn, has always been content believing he belongs with his family but when a mysterious new guy shows up, things change.

In Reaper's Fire, a young man is cursed by a witch to become the instrument of vengeance for those murdered by the deadliest killer in history. In a world where women are second class citizens, this man begins his journey to find his place. He is forced into slavery and survives through using his wits and power. This audiobook was narrated by Sean Crisden and Tatiana Sokolov who did a great job capturing the emotions of the story.

Published Date 2016-11-29
Duration 11 hours 40 minutes
Author Joanna Wylde
Narrated Sean Crisden, Tatiana Sokolov
(14 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Erotica
Parent Category Romantica, Contemporary

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