Portuguese Dialogues for Beginners Book 4 Free Audiobook Download by Learn Like A Native

The Portuguese Dialogues for Beginners Book 4 by Learn Like A Native is an audiobook that is narrated by ['Orlena Cain', 'Fernanda Peviani'] and has been downloaded over 1,000 times at the time of this post. The audio consists of dialogues from the book that are set in a fictional small farm in Portugal.

Beginners Book 4 is the fourth audiobook in the Portuguese Dialogues for Beginners series and it a guide for your language learning journey. This audiobook is narrated by two native Brazilian Portuguese speakers, Fernanda Peviani and Orlena Cain. As a beginner, you will be able to learn from both of them using audio lessons that are easy to understand.

Você sabia que as palavras inicialmente eram dadas por nomes para quem estava falando? A origem da língua portuguesa remonta ao século XI. A língua portuguesa se tornou oficial e a segunda mais falada no mundo em 1892 através de uma campanha promovida por D. António Maria de Aguiar. Quase três quartos dos milhões de pessoas que vivem na língua portuguesa vivem no Brasil, enquanto outros cinco mil

In this audiobook, you'll learn the basics of Portuguese including how to speak, understand, and write. You'll also learn about Brazilian culture through the author's personal account of the country. Finally, you'll become conversant with a range of general topics in Section 5 as well as some specific learning objectives that are covered in each chapter.

In this fourth book of Portuguese Dialogues, the author resolves all the relationships between the learnings and presents a variety of culture-specific idiomatic expressions, full of fun and beauty. This audiobook is recommended for beginners who want to learn Portuguese in an entertaining way.

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Published Date 2020-08-31
Duration 1 hours 30 minutes
Author Learn Like A Native
Narrated Orlena Cain, Fernanda Peviani
(9 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Language Instruction
Parent Category Portuguese, Other, South America

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