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It is a new academic discipline. It argues that the biopolitics are no longer imperialist and colonial. In other words, the state of contemporary biopolitics is not in need of conquest anymore. On the contrary, it has to find ways to deal with its own demise, which entails an intense unlearning and a transition from one episteme to another.

Achille Mbembe's theory is an attempt to understand what the consequences are of neoliberal "fictions" that were both created and enforced in the 1990s. The necro- prefix -- which means, among other things, 'death' or 'decay'-- highlights how both the imaginary and material elements of neoliberalism are necropolitical: Necro-politics take place when a state undertakes "to imagine itself as dead" and battles against any form of life that threatens its death.

Achille Mbembe's "Necropolitics" delves into the way in which states of emergency and open conflict has led to a new form of governance that privileges violence. This is an audiobook about the rise of necropolitics in Africa, which looks at how violence and profit are now intertwined.

Necropolitics is a work by Achille Mbembe that discusses the role of necropolitics in modern society. The author presents the idea that a society with no borders or fixed identities cannot function, and "is doomed to become a disciplinary space."

"Necropolitics" is a bold and brilliant book that poses challenging questions about the nature of colonialism, capitalism, slavery and democracy in Africa. It asks how these different forms of violence interact with each other in the course of domination and how they constitute a particular kind of power throughout political life.

Achille Mbembe, a leading intellectual of the postcolonial world, argues that Africa is no longer a mere site for the West's imperial games. Today, it is itself an empire and has been able to take its revenge by modelling the very same practices on which Western domination was founded.

Published Date 2021-11-09
Duration 8 hours 31 minutes
Author Achille Mbembe
Narrated Sean Crisden
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Abridged No
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Category Politics
Parent Category Political Ideologies, Political Advocacy

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