My Side of the Mountain Free Audiobook Download by Jean Craighead George

This is a survival story of a boy named Sam Gribley who goes on an adventure to find a new home and food. The adventure takes him to the wilderness where he learns many things about the forest. This is a great book for children and adults alike.

My Side of the Mountain is a classic children's story about a kid named Sam Gribley and his dog, Dick. Sam lives on an island with no human contact aside from two hunters who come by in their plane twice a year. Sam spends his days climbing trees, catching fish, and surviving off the land. There are tons of adventures that he never would've had if he were living in society. He gets separated from his parents during one of these trips when they go to live with some friends down the mountain. The only thing keeping him sane is his dog Dick and learning how to survive on this small piece of land.

My Side of the Mountain is an exciting adventure novel by Jean Craighead George. It tells the story of precocious 10-year old Sam Gribley as he journeys deep into the wilderness on his quest to build a cabin in the woods and live off the land.

A young boy named Sam Gribley is on a journey of self-discovery to the summit of Mt. Greylock, in Massachusetts, when he is introduced by his grandfather to My Side of the Mountain. As he relates his experiences, Sam's grandfather also narrates stories and poems that show how animals manage life in the wild.

I enjoyed listening to this audiobook because the narrator's voice is captivating. I liked how it was informative and kept me entertained at the same time. It had a little something for everyone and it made me want to know more about the author and the story.

My Side of the Mountain is a children's novel about a boy named Sam Gribley who goes on an adventure with his dog, Frisk, in search of food and shelter after losing his home. As they travel through treacherous terrain, they are faced with many challenging obstacles such as their lack of water and bad weather. They must manage to find sources of food and water while including wildlife in their survival strategy

Published Date 2017-12-05
Duration 4 hours 36 minutes
Author Jean Craighead George
Narrated Michael Crouch
(87 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Kids
Parent Category Sports, Action & Adventure

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