More Than Hate You Free Audiobook Download by Shayla Black

More Than Hate You is the second book in the More Than series. This book picks up where the first book with Regan and Lindy from The Darkest Night left off. Shayla Black writes about a lot of taboo topics which makes this series so interesting to read.

Shayla Black is back with a new, dark and twisted romance novel. More Than Hate You is a story of revenge and redemption as told through the eyes of all five main characters, who are all connected in different ways. The synopsis for this book is "A deadly game. A brutal murder. A love that's pure."

More Than Hate You is a dark romance that is filled with twists and turns. In the beginning of the book, we're introduced to a woman named Shayla who doesn't know the depth of her world until she meets vampire Ethan. He's not what he seems to be and Shayla finds herself drawn into his life in a way she never imagined.

More Than Hate You by Shayla Black is a historical fiction novel on the journey of one woman, Eve, to find herself and independence while being haunted by the past. The protagonist finds herself in a dark place when she overhears her mother talking about her father's death. In this novel, it is stated that during WWII, Poland was occupied by Germany until their liberation in 1945.

More Than Hate You by Shayla Black is a short story set with a couple in the midst of an affair. Teddy Hamilton does an incredible job narrating this audiobook as he brings life to every character, giving them individual voices and emotions that can be heard through their dialogue. This is especially true when the husband has these conversations with himself as he tries to decipher why he's staying in the marriage so long while his wife is clearly cheating on him.

Shayla Black tackles the subject of hate in her new book, More Than Hate You. Her protagonist is a survivor of abuse and rehab, who struggles to overcome her addiction while trying to rebuild her life. She has been through so much, but she doesn't let that stop her from trying to make the world a better place.

Published Date 2021-12-14
Duration 7 hours 46 minutes
Author Shayla Black
Narrated Teddy Hamilton
(2 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Erotica
Parent Category Romantica

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