Meet Me in Madrid Free Audiobook Download by Verity Lowell

Meet Me in Madrid is the book for anyone who's ever thought about living in Spain. Whether you're a Spaniard yourself, or just imagine Spain in your head, this book will help you develop a love for the country and entice you to visit. It's also a great read if you're traveling through Europe!

Bianca Drew takes you on an intriguing journey with her vivid and dramatic storytelling, transporting you to Madrid, Spain as she meets Verity Lowell in the middle of a winter without snow. Bianca brings you an engaging story from the first sentence to the last.

With a little help from the city of Madrid in this memoir, Verity Lowell takes us on a journey of her life, one filled with colorful characters and an unusual path.

Meet Me in Madrid was a wonderful story. It tackles the topic of immigration, and how if you are tired of living up to other people's expectations or not being able to live your life with your true self, that it is time to take action. This book taught me how important it is to try new things and sometimes even fail at them because that is what makes us grow as individuals.

Meet Me in Madrid is a story about two friends who find themselves on a road trip to Madrid and how their friendship changes from competitive, cutthroat work environments, to one of mutual support.

Published Date 2022-01-11
Duration 9 hours 4 minutes
Author Verity Lowell
Narrated Bianca Drew
(0 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Romance
Parent Category Multicultural & Interracial, Rom-Com, LGBTQ

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