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'TBD' is a new audiobook from that will be released on April 2nd, 2018. It's a compilation of stories narrated by a diverse group of creative voices, including Joy Osmanski, Corey Brill, Kaipo Schwab, Lameece Issaq, Aden Hakimi and Ashton Grooms. The anthology will release with the stories "Palm Sunday" by Joy Osmanski, "The First Time I Saw Your Brother" by Kaipo Schwab and "It's All in My Head" by Ashton Grooms.

Kink: Stories is a collection of short erotic tales that ranges from the sweet to the downright naughty. Written by a variety of authors, these stories are guaranteed to give you tons of hot and steamy reading material on your commute to work or while commuting home.

These are sexy, edgy, and emotionally intense stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The main characters in these stories react to their circumstances in ways you can never imagine. If you're looking for dark and suspenseful audiobooks with a twist of erotica, these are perfect for you.

Kink is a new podcast from the creators of Criminal. The podcast features true stories from people in the kink community, and aims to show that BDSM is not all about sex, but can be about sex and more. The first season has had a whopping download of 1.5 million listeners, which are great numbers for a podccast with its target audience being people who are already familiar with the topic at hand.

The kink audiobook is a series of erotic short stories. The storytelling style is in first person narrative and the audiobook has been narrated by over 70 different people, including some of your favorite television and radio personalities.

Our latest audiobook release, Kink: Stories by Tbd, is a collection of 10 short stories created by and narrated by ten different celebrities. The result is an fascinating and hilarious look into the sex lives of all 10 narrators (and their listeners) from all angles.

Published Date 2021-02-09
Duration 8 hours 26 minutes
Author Tbd
Narrated Joy Osmanski, Corey Brill, Kaipo Schwab, Lameece Issaq, Aden Hakimi, Aven Shore, Ashton Grooms
(8 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Erotica
Parent Category Modern, Literary Fiction, Essays & Anthologies

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