Julius Caesar: A Fully-Dramatized Audio Production From Folger Theatre Free Audiobook Download by William Shakespeare

In this audio production from Folger Theatre, Julius Caesar is a fully-dramatized audio production from the play by William Shakespeare. This audiobook includes an introduction that discusses the historical context of Julius Caesar and how he became such a powerful figure in Rome. It's also narrated by the full cast of actors that bring each character to life.

The audio version of Julius Caesar is an unbiased narration that offers a first-hand perspective on the events that led to the death of Caesar and his family. This audiobook is appropriate for anyone who wants to understand Caesar better without having to read Shakespeare's play.

Folger Theatre has been producing audio dramas since 1938. They have produced ten of Shakespeare's plays, including Julius Caesar. This production was recorded in 1972 and is still the most famous recording of this play.

"Julius Caesar" is a play by William Shakespeare that has been adapted into many different forms. The story of an ambitious politician who faces opposition from those in power and sets out to become the ruler of Rome is a famous classic tale. In this audio production from Folger Theatre, you will hear all the lines spoken by their "Full Cast Dramatization." If you are looking for an audiobook download to accompany your next trip to the library or a rainy day at home, "Julius Caesar" is the perfect story to listen to.

Julius Caesar is perhaps one of the most famous Shakespeare plays and yet, there are many more that could be discussed. It's been tried before with all different interpretations but ultimately, nothing came close to William Shakespeare's originality. The only play that resembles this one in terms of quality is Brian De Palma's film adaptation and this audio production from Folger Theatre gets it just right by giving the play an informative twist.

Julius Caesar is a well-known historical play about the assassination of Julius Caesar. It is one of William Shakespeare's most famous pieces, but it is not his only piece that is included in "A Fully-Dramatized Audio Production From Folger Theatre by William Shakespeare." The full cast dramatization of Julius Caesar can be listened to on an audiobook download. You get a person's voice telling you what to expect in the story and describing all of the actions while they are happening.

Published Date 2015-02-24
Duration 2 hours 20 minutes
Author William Shakespeare
Narrated Full Cast Dramatization
(9 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Drama
Parent Category Shakespeare, Audio Theatre

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