Iron Gold Free Audiobook Download by Pierce Brown

I had just finished the first book in the Red Rising trilogy, Morning Star, and I was craving more. This is an amazing series that has a cast of compelling characters, along with a captivating storyline full of twists.

In Iron Gold, Pierce Brown makes good use of the medium of audiobooks to tell a story that's as engaging as it is thrilling and action-packed. The story centers on Darrow, one of the last remaining humans in a world where technology has overtaken society and keeps humanity under control with weapons like nanotech and artificial intelligence, who finds that he must take up arms for freedom or die.

Iron Gold is a science fiction novel that takes place in a futuristic Earth where the world is harsh and unforgiving. The society of Earth is divided into five castes: red, white, green, blue and gold. With the help of technology, one's caste can be identified just by looking at their iris. In Iron Gold John will find himself caught up with the rebellion within his own ranks as he tries to uncover the secrets hidden in this new world.

Iron Gold is the third book in the Red Rising Saga and the sequel to Morning Star. The story follows Darrow, a Red who was born to a mining family on Mars. After learning what he believed to be the truth about his parents, Darrow went from low-ranking miner to rebel leader of the Sons of Ares army. After successfully fomenting rebellion against High Mars, Darrow and his band are cast out into space where they discover that Mars is not alone on Earth and that humanity has been enslaved by otherworldly beings called 'Auxiliaries'.

Iron Gold is the second book in Pierce Brown's critically-acclaimed series, Red Rising. This novel follows Darrow, a lowly miner who must lead his people to freedom. He realizes that they must take a stand against the ruling class of Golds and fight back against their overwhelming power in order to rise up and claim what is theirs. With a strong theme of hope and rebellion, this novel provides an exciting and thought-provoking read that follows Darrow on his journey to revolt against the establishment.

Iron Gold is the third book in Pierce Brown's 'Red Rising' trilogy. The story follows Darrow, a Red, who is offered a deal: he will go undercover and infiltrate the Golds, the ruling class of society, for one year and stop them from destroying his people. In order to do so, Darrow must start as low as possible on the food chain. What's interesting about this audiobook is that it features three narrators - John Curless, Tim Gerard Reynolds and Julian Elfer - which allow for a different perspective on the overall perspective throughout the 3 books in one audiobook download.

Published Date 2018-01-16
Duration 23 hours 15 minutes
Author Pierce Brown
Narrated John Curless, Tim Gerard Reynolds, Julian Elfer, Aedin Moloney
(243 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy
Parent Category Apocalyptic & Dystopian

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