Into the Crossfire: Navy SEAL Free Audiobook Download by Lisa Marie Rice

Lisa Marie Rice, who wrote the book in 2008 and self-published it in 2013, is a direct descendant of Confederate soldiers. In the novel, she tells the story of a high school football player from Virginia Beach who becomes a Navy SEAL during Operation Desert Storm.

There is no doubt that Lisa Marie Rice's new release, 'Into the Crossfire: Navy SEAL' is a chance for the author to take readers into her fairytale world of military heroes and love stories. But this time around she brings the reader into the action with a novelization of her novel of Navy SEALs. The tale follows Special Ops Team Leader Lucas "Lucy" MacKenzie as he searches for his twin brother, James "Mac" Mackenzie, who has gone missing after a mission in Afghanistan. Lucy struggles with guilt knowing that he would be looking for him if their roles were reversed. When he finally locates his brother, he realizes quickly that their reunion may not be what either of them hoped for.

'Charles Constant' has been narrating audiobooks for a decade and he has narrated many books about the military. He is passionate about reading and narrating books that do not focus on the military. This book is about a Navy SEAL who finds himself stranded during a mission in Afghanistan.

[‘Charles Constant' was] very easy to listen to, and his narration of the military jargon was spot-on. As a Navy SEAL myself, I could clearly identify with the training missions, living conditions in the Florida Keys, and dialect in the military. The prose was clear, concise, and engaging.

Into the Crossfire: Navy SEAL by Lisa Marie Rice is an incredible novel about a grueling yet inspirational journey. This audiobook follows Clay, one of the few men to ever earn his Navy SEAL trident. He faces impossible odds during his training and in the field, but he never gives up.

The terrorist attack on a military convoy in Afghanistan leaves US Navy SEALs Justen Mitchell, Michael Murphy and Donovan Beckett as the only survivors of their team. Compromised by grave injuries and captured by al-Qaeda fighters, they are forced to question their orders to kill or be killed. The most compelling story is that of Justen, whose PTSD leads his teammates to believe he has gone into shock. As they enter into an uncertain alliance with the enemy, there is no way for them to know who to trust.

Published Date 2014-02-04
Duration 10 hours 0 minutes
Author Lisa Marie Rice
Narrated Charles Constant
(12 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Erotica
Parent Category Romantica, Contemporary

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