Ice Planet Honeymoon - A Compilation: Four Ice Planet Barbarian Novellas Free Audiobook Download by Ruby Dixon

"I had come to the ice world hoping to find a whole new life. Instead, I found my crazy past." In Ruby Dixon's fourth Ice Planet Barbarian collection of novellas, we're taken on four wild adventures: Rott, who must fight to save his people and himself from the bloodthirsty centaur nation; Skarda and Wixi, who are thrown together by fate but struggle with their desires for one another and their lack of trust because he is human and she's an alien; Twiggy and her family venture into the unknown when they discover a watery world that is perfect for them but where does the air come from?; and lastly Pris' story - in which she travels to her childhood

Ruby Dixon is an author who writes novels, novellas and short stories in the science fiction genre. Her books have been on bestsellers lists worldwide, and she's been published in new-adult and adult romance lines. She was a finalist for the 2013 RONE Award for Adult Romance Novella - her book, Ice Planet Baristas. In her latest release, Ice Planet Bride (Ice Planet Barbarians), Ruby has brought together four novelettes set on an ice planet that explore different aspects of the female body. All four books are available as a bundle, and audiobooks of each novelettes can be downloaded from by searching for "Ruby Dixon".

The Ice Planet Barbarians are a fiercely proud, independent race who have lived in their ice world for thousands of years. They have the ability to create weapons that freeze objects and blast them apart at a moment's notice. These famed warriors have guarded their ice planet with an iron fist, until now.

Ice Planet Honeymoon - A Compilation: Four Ice Planet Barbarian Novellas is a compilation of four novellas that take place on an ice planet somewhere in the future. The four tales are "Salvage", "Huntress", "Coming Home", and "The Silent Girl". Each story spans five hours, so listening to this audiobook can be a fun and relaxing way to pass the time.

Ice Planet Honeymoon: A Compilation features four novellas by Ruby Dixon with the narration of 'Mason Lloyd' and 'Hollie Jackson'. They are all available to stream on or download as a free audiobook download. You can check out their Booklist at the end of the blog.

The collection of novellas centers around the barbarian Briggs and his fiancée, Allie. They meet in battle, then share a death bed promise to be together always. He is an Ice Planet Barbarian who has grown up learning how to fight and survive on the ice planet. Now he's looking for a way off and Allie is leading him straight into danger.

Published Date 2022-02-15
Duration 6 hours 2 minutes
Author Ruby Dixon
Narrated Mason Lloyd, Hollie Jackson
(0 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Romance
Parent Category Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction

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