How I Saved the World Free Audiobook Download by Jesse Watters

I'm a legend! Legend! I'm a legend and legend like me don't retire, they just take an extended vacation. I saved the world from all the dangers it'd been facing over the years, and I did it by myself, which is pretty big. I say my name is Larry Wayne, but that's not my real name...

In order to save the world, [Jesse Watters] had to take a more proactive approach. He put on his best suit and headed out for a night on the town. From that point on, he was able to sabotage many plans of the bad guys and get them to leave him alone.

World War 3: Zero hour is when a nuclear bomb detonates in the middle of the United States, causing chaos and anarchy. Few humans are left; there's less than a million or so out of a population of 500,000,000+ left alive. When you're alone and looking for food, you will do anything to survive.

Jesse Watters argues that the key to saving America is to bring Christianity back into public schools. Watters also recommends homeschooling and character education for young people. He argues that these are the only ways to fulfill a majority of children's needs as opposed to just one side, as happens in public schools. These ideas align with other conservative pundits who believe that children should be reintroduced to Christian values in school

Jesse Watters tells the story of a terrible accident, which he was involved in, that saved the world while he lay in a coma. The accident was caused by an explosion on an oil rig, which released methane gas into the air. After Jesse wakes up and is told what happened, he decides to use his skills as a journalist to find out who is responsible for the accident.

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Published Date 2021-07-06
Duration 9 hours 26 minutes
Author Jesse Watters
Narrated Larry Wayne
(37 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Politics
Parent Category Political Ideologies, Arts & Entertainment, Literary

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