His Fantasy Girl Free Audiobook Download by Nina Croft

In 1892, a young woman named Miss Victoria is ravished by the monster known as the Impaler. She must call on her courage to overcome not only the cruelty of her captors, but also her own fear and self-doubt. Will she find freedom and love in the arms of another?

I think the narrator does a great job of giving a unique voice and personality to each character. My favorite character was probably the main character, Robert.

His Fantasy Girl narrated by the talented Victoria Aston is a modern and sexy audiobook read with a smooth voice that will be sure to make your heart beat a little faster. This story has everything you want in a romance novel; gorgeous locations, sensual sex scenes, and a steamy hero and heroine who are more than willing to give it up for one another.

It's not the kind of book you can simply read. It's one that you must listen to. There's no way around it. Hire a narrator and let your mind wander with this fantasy romance novel.

His Fantasy Girl by Nina Croft was a very interesting book to listen to. It is a highly erotic story which I loved and could not stop listening. I wish she would continue the series because there is so much more that could be told.

The heroine of "His Fantasy Girl" is Jane. She's a secretary who has been demoted to filing paper clips and dusting shelves. Her personal life is becoming a disaster, but she refuses to give up on her dream - she'll find herself a rich husband and live in a big house in the suburbs. But when her boss makes an offer she can't refuse, her life changes forever...

Published Date 2021-12-31
Duration 5 hours 45 minutes
Author Nina Croft
Narrated Victoria Aston
(0 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Erotica
Parent Category Modern, General

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