Here With Me Free Audiobook Download by Samantha Young Charlotte North is a narrator who has been in the business since she was just twelve years old, and she is currently a finalist in the Voice Arts Awards, which will be announced on January 28th. The voice acting industry is so much more than that, though; it's an amazing feeling to know your book is being enjoyed by people all around the world. Charlotte has performed as various voices such as an eight year old girl, a jaguar, and even Angelina Jolie!

Here With Me is the second book in Samantha Young's New York Times bestselling series, The Lying Game. I chose this book to listen to because it's a different genre from her other books and I wanted something new to listen to. This audiobook took me only about two hours to listen to. It wasn't long because it was just two hours of my life that was gone. The narrator did a fantastic job with the story and she made the characters come alive for me!

Charlotte North is the narrator of this Here With Me story told by Samantha Young. She's British and has a deep, rich accent that should make it difficult to understand her words but it doesn't. Charlotte makes the listener feel like they're in the scene with her. It's been said that listening to audiobooks provides many people with their first experience of actually reading a book. This story is just one example of the benefits of listening to an audiobook.

The audiobook description states that 'Charlotte North's' voice will draw you in and keep you captivated until the very last word.

Charlotte North brings her usual high level of enthusiasm to the narration. It's quite a breath of fresh air, and her ability to bring every character alive is so captivating that I found it hard not to listen all day long. The story is genuine and the characters are utterly loveable.

Charlotte North is one of Samantha Young's most exciting narrators, and this audiobook is an excellent example of her talent. She has very distinct voices for all the characters and keeps the story moving along nicely. I must say that I did find the narration a bit confusing in spots because she sometimes uses two different accents in the same sentence. Overall, though, it was enjoyable and kept me hooked from beginning to end.

Published Date 2022-01-18
Duration 14 hours 38 minutes
Author Samantha Young
Narrated Charlotte North
(0 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Romance
Parent Category Contemporary, Mystery

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