Her Fantasy Husband Free Audiobook Download by Nina Croft

The story is about Ms. Croft, an English teacher who is happily married to Mr. Croft, the local librarian and her best friend. While going through a divorce, she finds herself having a lot of fantasies about what her life would be like if she had married another man: so different from the boring life she has now with Mr. Croft. As she begins to fantasize more and more about other men, as well as creating a new alter ego for her fantasy husband, her relationship with Mr. Croft becomes strained until he pulls away completely.

Victoria Aston is a voice actress and narrator. This audiobook is one of her first published books. It's about a woman who wants to marry someone with an "enchanting" name so she can advertise him on the radio show that she hosts.

Her Fantasy Husband is a steamy, humorous, and super sexy novel that will keep you turning the pages to find out how Nina Croft's character, Hannah Templeton gets her man.

Nina Croft's latest book has hot, sexy men and a plotline to keep you on the edge of your seat. Nina's heroines are always in for a treat, so this time around it does not take long before you are hooked from the beginning and desperate for more. You will be entertained by their outrageous behaviour, captivated by their love story and driven to find out what happens next.

Nina Croft is looking for the perfect man, but she's tired of being single and doing what it takes to find him. Nina Croft goes on a quest to find her ideal man and show him exactly who he is without all the lies.

It is a wonderful story that is told through the eyes of how Nina’s life changes when she starts dating. It is a quick, easy and enjoyable audiobook I would recommend to anyone looking for a light-hearted love story.

Published Date 2021-12-31
Duration 5 hours 28 minutes
Author Nina Croft
Narrated Victoria Aston
(0 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Erotica
Parent Category Modern, General

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