Hell Divers Free Audiobook Download by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

'Hell Divers' is a Lovecraftian science fiction novel in which regular people are the first to discover a portal to Hell, side-effects of which include drastic changes in their personality.

Hell Divers is a fast-paced sci-fi thriller set in a future where people have colonized Mars and a corporation has turned to deep space mining of the asteroid belt to fuel its operations. Only, they didn't expect what they found there: an ancient species of beings known as the hell divers, who had occupied their home for millennia. Drake, the protagonist and head of this team, carries with him everything he needs to explore and penetrate deep into Hell Diver territory - but his mission is complicated by a mind-controlling device that keeps giving him increasingly violent commands.

Hell Divers is a military science fiction novel that tells the story of two pilots, Nick Cooper and Riley Hale, who are members of the United States Air Force's elite squadron. Nick and Riley are sent on a secret mission to an unknown planet in an attempt to determine if it is habitable for humans. Little do they know that their mission will lead them into a war against humanity's greatest foe; the aliens known as 'hell divers'.

The story is narrated by a young fighter pilot, Bray, who is a natural badass and turns out to be more than just good in the air. Throughout the book, he meets other soliders and even civilians that have been infected with the Hell virus, which makes them want to kill and eat whatever they can get their hands on. Bray's mission is to find out how many people are infected by what state they're in so he can plan his rescue.

Hell Divers is an adventure sci-fi novel written by Nicholas Sansbury Smith. It starts as a simple account of the dive to find and rescue a group of trapped US navy SEALs in the depths of Hell. The surface world is on fire and it's up to Claire Caine, Dr. Lisa Sanders, and her three kids to find these men without going through the fires themselves.

You need to know about Hell Divers. It's an action packed thrill ride of a story with a protagonist that is so likable and multi-dimensional you'll cheer for him all the way. And the author does such a great job of writing in both military and civilian lingo that I didn't have any trouble jumping into this book with no knowledge on the topic.

Published Date 2016-07-19
Duration 10 hours 11 minutes
Author Nicholas Sansbury Smith
Narrated R. C. Bray
(123 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy
Parent Category Apocalyptic & Dystopian, Science Fiction

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