Hangry Free Audiobook Download by Lily Kate

Hangry is about two friends who are obsessed with food and eat constantly. The two start a blog to help others become healthy and their blog gets successful. However, the two find that they can't stop eating but they have no idea why. This book was perfect for me because I used to be a compulsive eater like them and I liked how it went through their process of finding out why they couldn't stop eating even though they knew it was unhealthy.

The greatest obstacle to weight loss is constant hunger. The Hangry audiobook was created to help people overcome this obstacle. It's narrated by Kasha Kensington and Iggy Toma, the two most popular YouTube fitness personalities.

If you're someone who has trouble controlling your temper and eating responsibly - or if you just want to listen to a book while munching on a bag of M&Ms - then try out this audiobook. You'll be able to take the narrator's advice on how to stay calm and eat your veggies with one hand while listening to her speak through the headset speakers with the other.

Lily Kate is an adorable little girl who loves going to school and learning. One day, she's hanging out at home playing with her friends in the living room when suddenly she is hit with a terrible feeling of hunger. Her parents take her to the doctor, but they don't make any sense of what's happening to her. When they finally find the answer, it's going to be one more lesson in how to live each day as though it were their last.

Iggy Toma, the narrator of this audiobook, is a woman who has her own personal blog and YouTube channel. She talks about food, fitness and life in general. She also has a very personable voice which makes the audiobook enjoyable to listen to.

The audiobook tells the story of a woman who gets hungry and decides to feed her hunger with different types of food. As she is running out, she runs into a guy who offers to help her out. They hit it off, but he doesn't realize that she's called 'Hangry.'

Published Date 2018-03-13
Duration 8 hours 43 minutes
Author Lily Kate
Narrated Kasha Kensington, Iggy Toma
(54 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Romance
Parent Category Sports, Contemporary, Rom-Com

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