Fan the Flames Free Audiobook Download by Katie Ruggle

This audiobook is a short, fast-paced story about a young woman that becomes obsessed with a Hollywood actor to the point of stalking him and gaining his attention. This is a short, short story (less than 10 hours long) that you'll devour in one setting. The narration is amazing and the idea behind the story is unique.

"Fan the Flames" is a dystopian novel that weaves together forbidden love, time travel, and the pieces of society's past with the present.

Rachel Dulude is a new narrator who brings her own twist on the online dating game in this audiobook. Rachel is a woman who lives in such a way that she believes the only people who deserve her are those with morals and values, which renders her unable to date anyone because of her specific standards. One day, when she's filling out an online profile for herself, she sees that someone went ahead and listed a fictional last name. This leads to all kinds of adventures including meeting one of the most charming men ever in person.

Fan the Flames is a hot new adult novel by Katie Ruggle that follows a college girl named Hannah who loves to play basketball. When she meets her best friend's older brother and he's an ice hockey player, she knows their relationship is meant to be.

Katie Ruggle is an author and speaker who teaches women to awaken their desires, take risks, and create the life they want. She also writes books on sexuality and female empowerment. Her latest book is a spiritual guide for developing a deeper relationship with your masculinity--and it's called Fan the Flames.

This is a fictional story about the life of an average young woman who becomes lost in her everyday life and finds herself.

Published Date 2017-01-10
Duration 11 hours 27 minutes
Author Katie Ruggle
Narrated Rachel Dulude
(36 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Romance
Parent Category Contemporary, Mystery, General

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