Extinction War Free Audiobook Download by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Extinction War is one of the most popular zombie books. The author, Nicholas Sansbury Smith, originally wanted to write a story about the last humans fighting against zombies. He drew inspiration from his research on the species' extinction and "what if" questions.

The audiobook "Extinction War" is an engrossing thriller of high stakes on the brink of being lost. The main character, Amelia Fox, is a typical recent college graduate with a degree in history and political science. When she's hired to be lead researcher for the Rainy Day Foundation, she knows it's going to be a job that requires her to travel the world and spread awareness about the potential nuclear war that could occur with North Korea. When Amelia notices some disturbing activity at a South Korean weapons facility and discovers evidence that suggests North Korea may have detonated a nuclear weapon, she has no choice but to uncover what is really going on while trying not to put all her research team in danger.

Extinction War is a book by Nicholas Sansbury Smith. It's about the end of the world and how the human race tries to survive. The main character is one of two special people who are chosen to save the human race from extinction. There are many twists and turns that keep readers on their toes as they follow along with the characters in an apocalyptic world.

Bronson Pinchot is narrating this audiobook and does a great job. He has a deep, loud, scratchy voice and fits the character of Dr. Erich Becker perfectly. The narrator sounds similar to the one in Jurassic Park on animal noises (gasping becomes psssth). While having some back and forth dialogue between two characters, you can hear their voices as they speak and then again when they each finish speaking. This helps with making it feel like you're in an actual conversation.

Nicholas Sansbury Smith's Extinction War is a story of survival, courage, and discovery on the verge of an extinction level event.

The world is ending. The last survivors of humanity must fight their way to a safe haven from an alien invasion. There are no rules and no mercy. A paranoid government, ruthlessly executing dissenters in the name of survival, has left survivors with only one choice for self-defense: guns and gangs.

Published Date 2017-11-28
Duration 12 hours 3 minutes
Author Nicholas Sansbury Smith
Narrated Bronson Pinchot
(33 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy
Parent Category Apocalyptic & Dystopian

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