Erotica Forbidden Collection: Short Stories: A Flirting Romance for Adults Free Audiobook Download by Rachel Wild

'Erotica Forbidden Collection' is a collection of short stories that are guaranteed to titillate. There are only 68 hours in a week, but these days it seems like there is little time for romance. This collection of short stories was written so that you can have your cake and eat it too! You will be able to enjoy a flirtatious short story or two every day - but with the added bonus of saving time; this audiobook will save you time by skipping chapters and going straight to the end.

One of the main objectives of the Forbidden Collection is to provide a wide range of erotic stories that fit any taste or preference. There are several different genres in this collection. The one story on this blog, Flirting Romance for Adults, is a love story romance between two people who are not in a relationship and are just friends at first. It's about how they slowly start to develop feelings for each other and fall in love while they're still platonic.

In this collection, you'll find a collection of captivating short stories that will give you an intriguing taste of the forbidden. In the first story, 'A Flirting Romance', two adults meet online and sparks fly. Will they be able to resist their desires for one another in person?

This is a collection of short stories that have no flirting or romance. The stories are listed at the back of this book, and they offer different perspectives on what people can't do in society.

What kind of stories does the Erotica Forbidden Collection audio book contain? Four stories. The first story is about a man who's job is to go out and find the perfect woman for a rich client but his client suggests he try a slightly different type of woman for the project. The second story is about two women who need a weekend away from their busy lives and their husbands. They come across an abandoned building and enter it. This leads to the third story which is about two men in an office trying to seduce one woman while she works as well as having sex with one another. The fourth and final story is about an older couple who have been together for over ten years. They decide they need to spice up their life with some new

Sometimes, life doesn't provide the answers you want. Sometimes, it provides exactly the opposite. Sometimes, what's meant to be is not always what's going to happen. In "A Flirting Romance For Adults", Rachel Wild takes this idea and breathes new life into it with a tale of romance, loss, life after death-and love so real that you'll forget about anything else for at least a few minutes...

Published Date 2020-07-04
Duration 8 hours 1 minutes
Author Rachel Wild
Narrated Alexxia Michelle, Cia Young
(141 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Erotica
Parent Category Historical, Modern, Romantica

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