Devil's Game Free Audiobook Download by Joanna Wylde

Terry Beck, a wealthy and successful businessman, is an expert on stocks and commodities. He's so good that he has been dubbed 'the guy who knows the price of everything'. Terry's success has made him cold, calculating and manipulative. When Terry finds the one thing he is missing in his life, he decides to buy a huge Christmas tree with lights on it for his family but finds a surprise in its depths...

Devil's Game is a suspenseful thriller by author Joanna Wylde, who also narrated the audiobook. The novel follows high school student, Dani Reese, through her final year of college. Her grades are slipping and her involvement in the online world has an unforeseen side effect on her social life.

In Devil's Game we follow the journey of two people who are the next in line to be demon princes. Their lives are consumed by a game, a living chess piece that is meant to end their playing with one lonely kill shot. But they both have other ideas and they refuse to let go of life. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop demons from trying to force them into the game or getting in the way of their love for each other.

Devil's Game is a novel written by Joanna Wylde. It is a paranormal romance with the main character, Claire, entering into an arranged marriage with an angel who was once known as Lucifer. Together they hope to redeem themselves and change the world for good.

Devil's Game is a psychological thriller, and it's one that jumps right off the pages of your average suspense novel. The twists and turns will keep you on your toes, but the main reason to listen to this is Tatiana Sokolov's narration. Somehow she manages to be utterly sinister yet absolutely adorable as one of the killer twins.

Devil's Game is a thrilling romantic suspense by Joanna Wylde. The story follows two people, Gage and Faith, who fall in love despite the fact that they are complete opposites. As the story progresses, Gage learns that Faith is not what she seems. She is a con artist and has been playing him since the beginning. In a desperate attempt to find out the truth, he kidnaps her and they're on the run. Their journey will take them across the United States and be full of twists, turns, romance, and adventure all while searching for their stolen identities.

Published Date 2014-06-03
Duration 11 hours 0 minutes
Author Joanna Wylde
Narrated Todd Haberkorn, Tatiana Sokolov
(21 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Erotica
Parent Category Romantica, Contemporary

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