Dark Age Free Audiobook Download by Pierce Brown

The genre is science fiction, the cast includes soldiers, their families, and civilians. The dark ages are characterized by disruption of society and the death of humanity.

"You know why there's a young man sitting in the middle of this dirty street, crying? Because he wants to be somebody else. He wants to be like me."

This is book one of the Red Rising trilogy by Pierce Brown. The story follows Darrow, a lowly miner on Mars who discovers that he has been given a mission: kill the ruling elite and spark a revolution. There are many reasons to think that this will not be an easy task and Darrow is set up as a martyr.

"Dark Age" tells the story of how society falls into a dark age, with humans living in fear of extinction. The narrator rises up against the oppressors, and they must fight to save what's left of human civilization.

"The world has been reduced to chaos and ruin. The human race is extinct. The only winners are the wolves."

The story begins with a simple question. Did humans actually survive the "Dark Age" and find themselves on the other side of an upcoming war with the Sons of Ares, a race of immortal warriors who live to kill? The thousands of voices in this audiobook collection guide readers through the two-thousand year journey that takes them from darkness to dawn and back again.

Published Date 2019-07-30
Duration 33 hours 58 minutes
Author Pierce Brown
Narrated James Langton, John Curless, Moira Quirk, Tim Gerard Reynolds, Rendah Heywood
(182 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy
Parent Category Apocalyptic & Dystopian

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